Keeping your Day-to-Day Financial Life in Order
 Keeping your Day-to-Day Financial Life in Order

Amanda McCollum Roach


Amanda Roach, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and Florida native, has worked in the financial planning and accounting industries since 2003. Her professional career began in Birmingham, Alabama upon graduating from Samford University. Her expertise spans from financial planning, tax return preparation, and social work to promoting pre-need funeral and cemetery arrangements.


In 2014 Amanda returned to Florida where she became involved in a local orphan care ministry.  She never aspired to become an entrepreneur but discovered a need and knew she could do something to meet that need. Amanda’s knowledge and experience in financial planning, gift of organization, love for Excel and heart for helping others positioned her well for starting My Life Keepers.


Amanda enjoys having a mobile office and wearing bright colors that make her happy. She hopes her bright colors make you smile, too. 


When Amanda isn’t working she can be found at the beach, serving at church, hanging out with Roscoe and Peaches or relaxing in her hammock with a book. Amanda is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 



Roscoe, a distinguished mutt, was born in Gainesville, Florida. He was rescued at 8 weeks old by Amanda and moved to Alabama. While he enjoyed his years in Alabama, he did not like the long car rides to visit family in Florida. Roscoe was relieved when he returned to Florida and no longer had to make those long trips in the car. A momma’s boy at heart, Roscoe enjoys chewing on his toys, taking walks, eating treats, licking Starbucks Frappuccino cups and following his mom around. Roscoe is not an official companion dog, but if you would like to request that Roscoe accompany Amanda for visits please contact Amanda. 



Peaches is an independent Georgia native Chihuahua.  She was brought home at eight weeks old weighing just 1.25 lbs. Peaches loves pestering her big brother, Roscoe, barking at those passing by and going for rides in the car. Peaches only eats homemade treats and will turn her nose up to anything store bought. When a human lap is not available she enjoys perching in a chair by a window. Peaches is not an official companion dog, but if you would like to request that Peaches accompany Amanda for visits please contact Amanda. Peaches is always ready for a car ride.




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