Keeping your Day-to-Day Financial Life in Order
 Keeping your Day-to-Day Financial Life in Order

My Life Vault™  

Does your family know where you keep your important documents in case of an emergency?


Do they know what kind of food your pet eats or who his/her veterinarian is?

Do they know your funeral home or cemetery preference?


My Life Keepers can help you create a document which details all of your key family information so that in the event of your incapacity, or demise, the person responsible for handling your affairs will have quick access to this vital information.


Contact Amanda at My Life Keepers today to find out how you can get started creating a My Life Vault™ for your family. 

Yesterday, Betsy Bancroft said the following:

"I asked Amanda to help with my day-to-day finances so that I could focus my attention and time on my patients and my children. Amanda worked with my other professional advisors and I did not have to worry with the details. She provided me with helpful reports each month and was always accessible. I trust Amanda and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to simplify their life and reduce stress by having someone else handle their day-to-day finances."

Thomas H. Cawthon, Jr., M.D. Birmingham, Alabama



"Amanda McCollum helped me greatly with tax preparation and advice about financial matters when she worked for Kassouf & Co. With her gentle personality and thorough understanding of my financial matters Amanda ministered to me in a Christ-like spirit. Her expertise was especially needed, as I am poor with numbers and in advanced years with some physical limitations. I recommend her whole-heartedly at My Life Keepers and wish that I could still obtain her My Life Keepers wisdom in Birmingham, Alabama."

Betsy Barber Bancroft University Published Author at former NSU Press, Natchitoches, Louisiana; Banner Press, Birmingham, Alabama; presently Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, Louisiana.

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